About Genotate
Genotate.life: a web platform to annotate and explore transcript sequences

The source code of the Genotate web platform and JAVA standalone software are available at:

https://github.com/tchitchek-lab/genotate.life and https://github.com/tchitchek-lab/genotate.java

Genotate is supported by IDMIT infrastructure and funded by the ANR via the grant ANR-11-INBS-0008.


About the authors
François Bonnardel*, Thomas Balezeau*, Christophe Bécavin, Roger Le Grand, Benoit Favier, and Nicolas Tchitchek

* Indicates an equal contribution of these authors to the work

Correspondence should be addressed to Dr. Nicolas Tchitchek (nicolas.tchitchek@cea.fr)

CEA – Université Paris Sud 11 – INSERM U1184, Immunology of viral infections and autoimmune diseases, IDMIT infrastructure 92265 Fontenay-aux-Roses, France.

N.T. was supported by a fellowships from the ANRS (France Recherche Nord&Sud Sida-HIV Hépatites).

Genotate is supported by the IDMIT infrastructure and funded by the ANR.
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